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Inauguration of the Computer Lab at the Navachethana School, Neermarga

December 16, 2012

Information Technology has evolved tremendously over the years. It is very important to be aware about the ever growing significance of technology in today’s world. Children should be educated regarding the importance of technology and how it will enable them to adapt to the ever-changing technological advancement. Keeping this in mind, GT Foundation realized that every School should have a computer lab to impart computer education to the children. Today, while most of the schools are well equipped with Computer Labs, there a few others that lack this facility due to shortage of space, financial aid and so on.

The children shouldn’t be deprived of the computer education as this is the need of the hour. Today’s generation need to be aware of the ever changing technology trends. By this, the children can make use of the opportunities provided to them which will ensure that they excel in life.

The Navachethana Education Trust provides education to the children who belong to the economically backward classes of the Society and currently educates around 650 students.

The main aim of the Foundation was to impart computer education to the students so as to help them keep abreast on today’s technology. GT Foundation in association with the Corporation Bank, Mangalore inaugurated the Navachethana Computer Lab located at Neermarga. A total of 15 computers were donated to the School including the LAN set up amounting to approx. Rs. 5 lakhs.

A Computer Lab has been set up at the Roman and Catherine Lobo School for the Blind, Kotekani, Mangalore at a cost of Rs.1.00 lakh