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Introduction of the new scheme for Lady Goshen Maternity Hospital

December 29, 2012

GT Foundation also had a request from some of the well known doctors from Mangalore who are like minded and provide philanthropic services. They initiated to serve the Lady Goshen Maternity Hospital which majorly serves below the poverty line women in labor. It was found out that there is an immediate need to assist these women in terms of arranging blood, medicines and antibiotics on an emergency basis. To facilitate this program and for quick action, with Dr. Shrinivas Kakkilaya being the Managing Trustee, Dr. Ravichandran being one of the Trustees along with a few other like minded noble doctors. Under this initiative, a certain amount is transferred on a monthly basis to the GT Foundation which is being utilized by the duty doctors at the Lady Goshen Maternity Hospital without having to wait for any prior approval, so that the lives of the mother and child is saved.