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GlowTouch Technologies Sponsors Book Drive in Mangalore

May 23, 2012

GlowTouch Technologies, an award-winning IT services firm providing custom application development services to businesses around the world, announced its sponsorship of a book drive in Mangalore that provided textbooks, educational materials and other aid to local underprivileged children.

The school books and other supplies were distributed by GlowTouch Technologies CEO Dr. V. Ravichandran and Managing Director Mrs. Indira Ravichandran as part of the GT Foundation’s ongoing philanthropic efforts. During the drive, nearly 30 children were the fortunate recipients of school supplies, textbooks, and other classroom materials to inaugurate the new academic year.

“Arming our next generation of business leaders with textbooks, school supplies, and educational support is of the utmost importance,” said GlowTouch CEO Dr. V. Ravichandran. “GlowTouch has always taken an active role in the community’s academic development and proudly partners with local schools and universities to sponsor and support educational initiatives.”

The GT Foundation was created in 2004 in an effort to help promote the wide-reaching benefits of corporate social responsibility. The foundation is actively involved in addressing the most challenging problems facing today's society, including domestic violence, education, poverty and more.