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First Corneal Transplantation surgery for Ms. Rahimat

May 2014

After the official inauguration of the Corneal Transplantation Scheme in February 2014, the GT Foundation has sponsored the first ever Corneal Transplantation surgery of Ms. Rahimat, an 18 year old resident of Kerala. The surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Srinivas K. Rao, Founder of the reputed Darshan Eye Clinic, Chennai.

GT Foundation officially launched the Corneal Transplantation Scheme on February 2, 2014 at Hotel Moti Mahal, by Dr. Srinivas Rao K (famously known as Dr. SRK), an eminent Ophthalmologist from Chennai who is the founder of the Darshan Eye Clinic. The program was sponsored by the GT Foundation and organized by Dr. V. Ravichandran, Managing Trustee of GT Foundation and coordinated by Dr. C.R. Kamath, one of the renowned Ophthalmologists from Mangalore.

"The GT Foundation is extremely pleased to be a sponsor," said Dr. V. Ravichandran. "We feel this program will yield tremendous benefits throughout our community and have untold benefits to the recipients of the transplantation."